Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Vista & Office 2007 Beta 2

I’m now running on Vista Ultimate Beta 2 with Office 2007 Beta 2. The Vista install worked fairly well although it did not install an audio driver for my Sony VGN-A497XP laptop. The XP audio driver seemed to install OK. There are still 4 or 5 devices without drivers. One being the Sony memory stick which no longer seems to work.

Office installed without any problems. I’m not very impressed with Outlook it still does a terrible job of multi-tasking. We use an outsourced Exchange Server provider so we access Exchange using RPC over HTTPS and the whole program hangs when getting data from the server. Why is this not implemented on a separate thread so it does not stop the whole UI? Cached mode with RPC over HTTPS does not seem to work. Word is great, if you can read this then it has successfully uploaded this blog entry from Word.

One thing to notice when using Visual Studio 2005...you must right click on the application and select “Run as Administrator” if you want to debug any ASP.NET pages. If you do not do this then the execution does not stop at any of the breakpoints.