Wednesday, August 27, 2008

iPhone 3G - Useless

Today I took a trip by train from Cambridge to London with my new iPhone 3G. What a waste of time the iPhone is. The main problem seems to be getting any sort of reliable connectivity. The phone is constantly switching from GPRS to Edge to 3G to WiFi and each time it does this it seems to freeze for a few seconds. If this is twice as fast as the old iPhone I'm glad I never had one. It makes working with a 56K modem seem like fun. I suppose I was playing with the phone for an hour on the train but by 11:53 am the phone was flat! I'd only managed a couple of hours - Totally useless!!! I'm almost tempted to send it straight back. I can understand connectivity on the train being a problem but it's no better in central London. I'll wait and see if V2.1 is any better.

It's also really annoying that the mail application cannot be rotated and where is the copy & paste functionality? I understand copy & paste is a security issue but surely it’s an essential feature.

Overall : not at all impressed.

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