Wednesday, November 30, 2011

BBC Micro is 30 years old!

A great article on the BBC Micro which is 30 years old today The BBC Model B was my third computer (after a self-assembled ZX80, and a ZX81 and excluding the school Research Machines RML 380Z which I exclusivly used but never really owned). Those were the days! I remember saving up all my paper round money to go on an Acorn dealer courses for the BBC Micro when I was about 17. It cost a fortune to go on the 5 day course. To their great credit Acorn never invoiced me for that course. I guess sitting at the front and asking all the questions has some benifit. Cheers Acorn!

It's strange now that I'm based in Cambridge and occasionally bump into people who were involved with Acorn / Sinclair in the old days.

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