Saturday, February 07, 2015

Changing the rear light cluster on 2013 VW Sharan (VW part VAG 7N0945096G)

A Cambridge cyclist managed to smash the rear light cluster on our car on Thursday night (thanks for riding off without having the courtesy to stop!). A new one is just £73 and really quite easy to fit yourself once you know this little trick.
The 12V power socket slides down to reveal a single screw that holds the light cluster in place. Press the top of the 12V socket  panel and slide it downwards. 
Using a 11mm socket set simply unscrew the central white nut which holds the light cluster in place. Once the light cluster is unscrewed unclip the power cable and replace the light unit. Total time about 5 minutes.
Sorry for a slightly random blog post. Please let me know if it was helpful to you!

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