Monday, September 25, 2006

SQL Server 2005 SP1 does not work on Vista 5728

SQL Server 2005 can be installed on Vista 5728 (Despite the warning indicating it's not compatible), but installing SP1 seems to stop SQL from working. The solution seems to be to remove and then re-install SQL Server 2005.

When is SQL Server 2005 SP2 going to be available? Apparently this will be the version supported on Vista.

SQL Server 2005 SP1

I had a wierd problem trying to install SP1 on SQL Server 2005 today...

Originally I had the upgrade file (SQLServer2005SP1-KB913090-x86-ENU.exe) on an external USB hard drive, I found that I had to copy the file from an external USB hard disk to my local machine and then remove the external USB drive from my system for the install to work. Before I removed the USB drive the upgrade tool was putting the unpacked files on the USB drive (probably as it had most free space) and for some wierd reason they would not install from there. Once the USB drive was removed the installer unpacked the files to drive D: and the installer worked fine.

Vista 5728

I’ve been running Vista RC1 for a couple of weeks and have just upgraded to 5728. Seems nice and stable. Plugged in a 1Gb USB key to see how much of a speed improvement ReadyBoost gives. It seems quicker when you have loads of apps open. However my Sony MemoryStick and volume controls still don't work.

I had some trouble upgrading Office 2007 to B2TR. In the end I had to remove Office B2 and reinstall. I could not use the uninstall option and had to resort to using the following utility to remove Office 2007 Beta 2.

You can try the Cleanup Utility from here :

Friday, September 01, 2006

Vista 5536

I've been running 5536 for a couple of days now and it's looking much better than earlier builds. The video driver is now recognising my laptop screen correctly. However still two problem drivers. The extra buttons on my Sony laptop still don't work. In addition the Memory stick has still not been fixed. I emailed Sony about these problems however I don't expect any response from them...they are not good at customer support!

Just found out that 5600 will be available next week. Still waiting to get hold of Office 2007 B2TR..hopefully that will be out soon!