Monday, November 20, 2006

Nvidia GeForce Go 7600 GT on Vista

I discovered how to get the GeForce Go 7600 GT graphics card working in Vista!

1) Download the Vista Beta 2 driver from (V96.85).
2) Run the program to create a c:\nvidia\WinVista\96.85 folder.
3) Next you need to replace the nv_disp.inf file with a new one that includes a definition for your graphics card. I found one on this site
4) You can now run setup.exe from the c:\nvidia\WinVista\96.85 folder and the installation program should now recognise the card and install the drivers.

The LV2Go website is a fantastic resource for laptop owners looking for the latest graphics drivers.

"Until recently, nVidia by default has not natively supported laptop GPUs with WHQL and beta drivers. This limitation is due only to the INF. Drivers supplied by manufacturers (Dell, Toshiba, etc.) are rarely updated and easily become outdated thus not supporting the latest graphics technology. This is where LaptopVideo2Go (LV2Go) comes in. LV2Go provides unofficial support for all of the GPUs that nVidia has created and laptops produced by manufacturers. LV2Go enhances the drivers by modding the INF to fix problems and reveal hidden features. What is a modded INF? The LV2Go community has built up nicely. Come pay a visit to the forums for more specific drivers for your laptop, news or solutions to your problems."

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