Saturday, November 18, 2006

Vista on Sony VGN-AR21S

This was a disaster! It was a brand new "Vista Ready" machine with Windows XP Media Centre Edition. I decided to upgrade rather than re-install from fresh. The machine was running fantastically well before the upgrade. These are the problems I had:-

1) I had to uninstall the Toshiba Bluetooth application before Vista would even start
2) The Nvidia GeForce Go 7600 GT was not recognised and the machine reverted to VGA mode. Neither Sony or Nvidia have any drivers available on their web sites.
3) Audio does not work at all
4) TV In does not work
5) Media Centre blue screens when you start it

I've emailed Sony to see if they have a fix.

I'm really annoyed that a machine sold as "Vista Ready" should be rendered virtually useless by the upgrade. If I don't get a prompt response to this I'll complain to the advertising standards people.

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