Thursday, August 20, 2009

How to make a bootable USB memory stick in Windows 7

I spent ages on this last night without any success, tonight it took me about 60 seconds. Here is the trick.

First you need to download Windows Enabler from This allows any disabled controls to be re-enabled. Install the program and click on its system tray icon to enable it. The Icon should show ‘on’ to show it’s working :

With Windows Enabler running you can go into Windows Explorer and format your memory stick (obviously this will erase everything on the stick). Normally the “create an MS-DOS startup disk” is disabled for everything except floppy disks but with Windows Enabler running you can click the disabled checkbox to use the option with any drive.

I think the file system needs to be set to “FAT”. Once formatted your stick will be a bootable MS-DOS 4.9.3000 boot disk. Easy!

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