Monday, November 27, 2017

HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus prints web pages very small from IOS 11

We have an HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus which has been printing from our IOS devices perfectly well for many years. However, since upgrading to IOS 11 web pages print as a tiny image (3x5") at the top left on the page (although I suppose it does save loads of ink!). Interestingly PDF's print without any problem, the problem seems to be limited to printing from web pages. Any of the older iPhones or iPads, which cannot be upgraded to IOS 11, continue to print without any problems. Here is an example showing the IOS 11 printing on the left and IOS10 printing on the right.

I'm pleased to report that I've found a solution. Find the IP address of your printer (by pressing the network icon on the touch screen on the printer) and use a web browser to connect to the IP address shown.

Switch to the Network tab and select "Network Protocol" on the left hand side under General. Change the setting to "Enable IPV4 only", click the "Apply" button.

Now, restart the printer (I unplugged mine) and restart your IOS devices. Once you have done this you should find that you can once again print web pages at full size!

It's clearly a bug in IOS 11 with IPV6 (as IOS 10 works just fine). Come on Apple get it sorted! It's been months now and there are thousands of people reporting the same problem on the Apple and HP forums. As normal both companies are blaming each other and sending people off to perform a load of useless tests rather than admitting to there being a problem in IOS 11.

Let me know if this fixes it for you too.

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Vodafone Sure Signal - No smoking please!

I've just had my Vodafone Sure Signal V3 blow up with a little puff of smoke. Fortunately I was sitting right next to the thing when it popped and I was able to unplug it pretty quickly! It rattled once unplugged! I opened it up and found a capacitor that had blown itself off the board. The interior was filled with smoke, see burn marks in the photos below.

I've contacted Vodafone via Twitter. Let's see what they do about it. Hopefully it's not a fire risk for others!

The label says it's an Alcatel-Lucent Model Number : 9361 Home Cell p3.0, Part Number : 3JR09113ABBA

I notice there is a big thread on the Vodafone UK Sure Signal forums with loads of people who have had exactly the same problem.

10 Nov Update
I am pleased to report that Vodafone have agreed to send a replacement SureSignal free of charge (regardless of the warranty status). It'll apparently be delivered within 3 days. Given the unit does not have a replaceable fuse I'll be plugging it into an extension block with a very small fuse fitted to the plug. In my case the old unit tripped the downstairs circuit breaker (which also has the fridge and freezer attached). Had it blown when I was not at home it could have had far greater and more costly consequences (not to mention the potential fire risk). I'm not totally comfortable with the design of the SS3 as it runs very hot, this will always shorten the life of any electronic components. However, I have no Vodafone mobile phone signal where I live (high tech Cambridgeshire) and need to use the phone for work so I have little choice but to use one. I think powering it from a power strip with a very low current quick blow fuse will be the best way to reduce the risk associated with using this product.

13 Nov Update
A free of charge replacement unit was delivered today. I've reported the fault to Trading Standards and they are contacting Vodafone to report another failed unit.

16 Nov Update
I've made a short extension lead and fitted a small 1A fuse to the plug. Hopefully this will stop the whole power circuit tripping out if (when) this new SureSignal fails.

Monday, July 03, 2017

Dell XPS 15 (9550) swollen battery

I have had a problem with a swollen battery on my Dell XPS 15 (9550). The battery swells as it fills with gas. This swollen battery pushes the trackpad up 3 or 4 mm beyond the case (see photo). The trackpad then stops working. Dell advised me to stop using the laptop and remove power from it. For safety I have removed the battery until a replacement is received. See video below