Tuesday, January 31, 2006

IPSec tunnel from Vigor 2900 to ZyXEL ZyWall 35

Today I connected some Vigor 2900's to a ZyXEL 35 using an IPSEC tunnel. The Zyxel settings are unchanged from my blog of 29/01/2006.

Firstly a version check of the kit I'm using:
ZyWALL 35 : V4.00(WZ.5) 01/06/2006
Vigor 2900 : 2.5.6

I've screen dumped the configuration pages below. The network IP address of the ZyWALL network is The network address of the Vigor 2900 network is

Vigor 2900 Settings

Advanced Setup->VPN and Remote Access Setup->LAN to LAN Profile Setup
See Larger Image

From this screen "Advanced" button

"IKE Pre-Shared Key" button

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